org.jerkar.api.crypto.pgp Contains classes providing PGP signature facility.
org.jerkar.api.depmanagement Contains classes related with repository publication as publishing on a Maven or Ivy repository.
org.jerkar.api.file Contains classes to manipulate files in a fluent way. Contains classes providing fluent API for dealing with java tools, classpaths and classloaders. Contains classes providing fluent API for dealing with Junit.
org.jerkar.api.system Contains classes for dealing with Jerkar system.
org.jerkar.api.tooling Contains classes for integrating popular external tools gracefully.
org.jerkar.api.utils Contains Jerkar utility classes (meaning classes holding only static helper methods).
org.jerkar.tool Contains core classes of Jerkar automation tool.
org.jerkar.tool.builtins.eclipse Contains classes of the Eclipse plugins
org.jerkar.tool.builtins.javabuild Contains classes of the Javabuild plugin.
org.jerkar.tool.builtins.javabuild.jee Contains classes of the J2E plugin.